Review Policies

Policies current as of 7/31/17.

This page lays out my review policies, what I’m looking for (and not looking for), and the boring legal stuff I have to put here to cover both our butts. I accept books for review from authors, publishers, and publicists, and I accept both traditionally-published books and self-published/Indie books, as well as ARCs. I do not accept every book offered to me (although I do respond to every offer), and I will not review books I haven’t read.

When reviewing books, I will …

  • Mention in the post if I’ve received the book as a review copy (it’s a legal thing, I have to)
  • Post honest reviews – if I hate it, I will say so, but I’ll also explain why
  • Review books I couldn’t finish, explaining why I couldn’t finish them
  • Use cover images – so permission to use yours is appreciated
  • Post reviews on other sites (e.g. Amazon, Goodreads) if requested
    • If not requested, it may still end up there, but that’s at my discretion

What I Accept


I only accept LGBT+ books for review.

I define “LGBT+ books” as books that contain one or more major characters with one of or any combination of the following identities:

  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual
  • Transgender, intersex, genderfluid, or otherwise nonbinary and/or gender-nonconforming
  • Asexual or aromantic

Though I’ll occasionally read a book about coming out or dealing with homophobia/transphobia/etc., my preference is books where people are queer and it isn’t a Big Thing. (Example: The Abyss Surrounds Us. The main character is gay and no one bats an eye at it; her relationship is treated the same as two other characters’ heterosexual relationship.)


Steampunk is currently my favorite thing. If you give me steampunk gays I will be extremely happy. I’m also currently looking for stories with POC characters, by POC authors, or in settings besides Europe/America (or Europe/America-based fantasy worlds).

I usually accept speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.). Action/adventure/suspense/thriller usually has pretty good shot, too.

YA has a better chance than adult books, but I will occasionally read adult. I also accept graphic novels.

Do not send me

I do not read poetry, middle grade, picture books, or westerns. I do read nonfiction, but I do NOT accept it for review.

I will NOT review erotica or books with rape/sexual assault/sexual violence.


Contact Me

If you think your book is something I’d be interested in, email jalyn *dot* ely *at* gmail *dot* com with:

  • the title
  • the author’s name or pen name
  • the genre, as specific as possible
  • blurb or short description – this is what I base the majority of my decision on, so this should be compelling
  • other relevant details (please post on Amazon, this is an ARC and releases on this date, etc.)

DO NOT send attachments – review requests with attachments will be deleted.

I do not accept every book offered, but I do respond to every request.

Legal Stuff

Current as of 4/5/17.

By offering Jalyn a book to review, you acknowledge:

  • you have read these policies
  • Jalyn retains the right to refuse your book for any reason
  • the only cost to Jalyn for receiving said book is an honest review
  • you will not attempt to influence the review through any means
  • Jalyn retains the right to not finish reading a book
  • you do not have the right to prevent a review from publication or remove a review from this site, except in cases where Jalyn did not finish the book, in which case they will give you the option of publishing a “did not finish” review or having no review posted
  • Jalyn retains full, permanent, royalty-free rights to the review, and any modification or distribution is completely at their discretion
  • you have the right to share and distribute the review (including the whole review and quotes from the review) provided you have not modified it and you include a link back to the original post (if online) or the attribution “review by Jalyn Ely,” (if in print)

By accepting your book for review, Jalyn agrees:

  • they will read the entire book, except for extreme disintrest in plot and/or characters or occurrence of topics (especially rape or sexual violence) that they refuse to read about
  • they will write a fair* and honest review
  • they will not require any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for their review, except for a free copy of the book she is to review
  • their review will be posted on this blog and on other sites specified on a day they choose (unless otherwise arranged)
  • their review will be posted within three months of receipt of the book (unless other arrangements are made to mutual satisfaction)
  • you have the right to share and distribute the unmodified review (including the whole review and quotes from it), provided you include a link to the original post (if online) or include the attribution “review by Jalyn Ely,” (if in print)

*Defined as “presenting the elements of the story and the book as a whole, and in negative reviews not excluding redeeming elements.”


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