Science Fiction

Review: Elevated

Cover of "Elevated," Featuring a person jumping above a city; they have semi-transparent bird wings
Image from Daniel Kaplan; used by permission

Title: Elevated

Series: Elevated Saga #1

Author: Daniel Solomon Kaplan

Genre: Science Fiction

Back Cover:

Rose never wanted to be an Elevated. She refused to have her power unlocked on Elevation Day, unlike her other classmates. The irreversible treatment reveals powers that range from a benefit or a nuisance. For her father, it transformed him into an Unsound, forcing him to a life of exile.

Rose’s choice is taken away after a chance encounter with a previously undiscovered power activates her ability. Living as an Undocumented Elevated, Rose needs the help of others who hide under the government’s radar to learn to control her unwanted power. Among them, she unravels secrets about the treatment, the powers, and what happened to her father. Fed up with lies, Rose wants nothing more than to learn the whole truth – even if it means accepting her fate as an Elevated.


I picked this book up because superpowers. The idea of everybody getting latent superpowers activated when they reached a certain age – and the powers ranging from epic to useless – sounded great.

Rose was okay. At first, she kind of annoyed me (honestly, what kind of person doesn’t want superpowers?), but as the book went on, I liked her more. She had a stubborn streak and a tenacity that I really enjoyed. But despite having superpowers, she was a very normal girl, which felt strangely refreshing.

There were various other semi-main characters in this story. I liked Rose’s friend Aaron, mainly because Rose’s and his relationship reminded me of me and my friend Ryan – he’s blunt and irritating, and sometimes I wonder why we’re friends, but we are. Elliott, a guy Rose meets on Elevation Day, was enjoyable – at first, he was adorable and slightly awkward, but he eventually became a good friend. Zach kind of annoyed me, because it seemed like the only reason he was even in there was because he was handsome and occasionally useful.

The whole learning-the-truth thing was not as major as I thought – it was kind of entangled with a find-Rose’s-dad plot. People are hiding things about Unsounds, and Rose decides to figure out what. A bunch of friends, old and new, and a frenemy get involved, and they use their powers to investigate things. Plus there’s an underground conspiracy theory/resistance movement, which was a fun touch.

To me, the best part of this book was the idea. I loved the concept of activating latent superpowers. I totally want my latent superpowers activated. (Which made me kind of annoyed with Rose at first, because if you have the opportunity for superpowers, take it!) Sometimes I would have rather read about someone figuring out what power they have than the plot that was actually there.

I did liked Elevated. It was a fun book, and I didn’t guess a lot of the resolutions. The concept was great, and I loved reading about a world where almost everyone had superpowers. I’m not sure I will read book two, but I did enjoy this read.

I received a free review copy of Elevated from the author. His generosity in no way influenced, or sought to influence, this review.

The Elevated Saga:

  1. Elevated
  2. Catalyst
  3. Unsound

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