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Review: Sky1: Foundation by William Amerman

Sky1: Foundation book cover
Image from William Amerman; used by permission

Title: Sky1: Foundation (Sky #1)

Author: William Amerman

Genre: Science Fiction

Seven hundred years ago, a city walled itself off from the rest of the world. Decades after first containment, the city expanded upwards, becoming a world unto itself. The population of this city-world has now boomed to over eighty million people, but the history of why the world was built and what lies outside has been lost to the citizens. This world is Nick’s world.

Nick Burke has been allotted 389 square feet of living space by the government. Disease spreads quickly when people are packed together so tightly. Quarantines are regularly imposed in an effort to contain the spread of infection. Lately, though, rumors are spreading that quarantines on some Grounds are not being lifted.

When a quarantine is imposed on Nick’s Ground, he and his family are trapped. The only way out is to break laws that carry a penalty of death. Fearing for his life and the safety of his family, Nick joins forces with a local group to move to another Ground. But can he trust his new friends?

Not exactly sure why I decided to read this book. Maybe because it was an adult sci-fi, and I haven’t thought about reading one of those in a while. Or maybe because it just sounded different. Either way, I did decide in favor of it.

Nick was okay. He was trying hard to protect his family and overcome a traumatic past that kept coming back to haunt him. He had the kind of frustrated urgency of someone who knows something needs changed but isn’t sure how to change it.

(Random side note: While reading this, I had two books going at once – this one and another one with a main character named Nick. The other Nick was a sarcastic goofball…pretty much the complete opposite of this Nick. I don’t think switching between two different Nicks was good for my enjoyment of either story.)

Besides Nick, the only character I really liked was his friend Storme. Storme was more of a follower, and came across a little bit nerdy, but he was caring and a good friend.

The other characters I wasn’t really a fan of. Nick’s cheating wife (and his son, who didn’t get much page time) and various sex-obsessed men seemed to be the only major players.

The plot was a little wild. At first, it seemed like Nick was just trying to get passes to immigrate up a level or two (from the impression I got, their world is built like a skyscraper, and the higher class you are the higher your Ground or floor). Then they broke into a government building to steal something (explosives?). Then the government was after him, and he was trying to save his family and the information about Mulduin.

Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of action and adrenaline and fights and stuff. I just wasn’t always exactly sure what Nick was trying to do.

I had a couple minor problems with Sky1: Foundation. One was a little too much sex for my taste. The other was Muldoin. I’m pretty sure it was either a place or an event. I’m not sure what happened or why it’s important for Nick to tell its story. And it was a huge plot element. I think if Muldoin was explained, even gradually, things would have made more sense to me.

If I were to choose again, I don’t think I would read Sky1: Foundation, but it was an interesting story, and very different from what I usually read. So all in all, not a bad read.

I received a free review copy of Sky1: Foundation from the author. His generosity in no way influenced, or sought to influence, this review.

The Sky series:

  1. Sky1: Foundation
  2. Sky2: Detrius Machine

Report Card

For more on my book “report card” grading system, please see my About page.

2.63 (C) final grade


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  1. I like your new “report card” grading system! I’m going to keep an eye out for books you like that also get a good report card grade.

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