Review: Dark Destiny Part 2

Dark Destiny Part 2 book review
Image from Oscar Cavazos; used by permission

Title: Dark Destiny Part 2

Series: Dark Destiny #2

Author: Oscar Cavazos

Genre: Paranormal

Warning: This book is second in a series, so this review will probably contain spoilers of Dark Destiny Part 1.

Back Cover:

After tragedy shattered his perfect life, Sebastian found himself with powers over life and death, powers he couldn’t even begin to understand. Reeling from the loss of his first love, Sebastian took matters into his own hands and did something forbidden. Now, still ignorant to many of his true abilities, he’s hunted by the forces of good and evil and must struggle to understand the difference between them. As he searches the broken world of Purgatorium to find his love, will the ripples of his actions come to haunt him? Will he accept what’s truly at stake, or will he sacrifice everything to save her?


After enjoying Dark Destiny Part 1 so much, I was excited to get my hands on part 2. When Oscar Cavazos offered me the chance to beta read, I happily said yes. And after I tore it apart, he sent me back this fabulously improved review copy. Beta draft was good – the final is awesome.

Once again, I liked Sebastian, but he wasn’t exactly a jump-off-the-page kind of character. I think that’s because Reaper-ness is taking all of his time and attention and I don’t know hardly anything about his life before. He was very stubborn, sometimes hotheaded, and didn’t always wait for all the facts before jumping to a decision. I really think I’ll love him as I get to know him better in future books.

I feel like I should mention some other characters, but there really aren’t that many to mention. Jared played a small part (which I have a feeling may get bigger in the next installments), Sara was important, but she herself didn’t play a huge part. Other than that, most of the characters are more minor (although I’m positive Mr. Thompson is going to be huge next book).

For those (like me) who didn’t have time to reread part 1 before diving into this installment, there was a very handy “Previously on Dark Destiny” section that helped me to recall the details I forgot in the interim.

The plot of part 2 is basically a continuation of part 1, only with more questions raised, more weird stuff happening, and much more danger. Fights, what passes for politics in Purgatorium, evil Shades and everybody after Sara…for reasons that aren’t exactly explained. I want to keep reading because I still have so many questions!

Once again, I absolutely loved the mythology. There were angels in this one! And not only were the angels there, there was a glorious Reaper-vs-angels fight with scythes, swords, throwing each other through buildings and even the temporary destruction of Purgatorium.

I really wish these books were all one volume, because I just want to keep going. But I guess I’ll have to settle for highly anticipating part 3.

I received a free review copy of Dark Destiny Part 2 from the author. His generosity in no way influenced, or sought to influence, this review.

The Dark Destiny series:

  1. Dark Destiny Part 1
  2. Dark Destiny Part 2

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