Review: Fearless

Cover of "Fearless," featuring a swarm of brown and tan moths forming a human silhouette
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Title: Fearless

Series: Mirrorworld #2

Author: Cornelia Funke

Genre: Fantasy

Warning: This book is second in a series, so this review will probably contain some spoilers of the previous book,  Reckless.

Back Cover:

Jacob Reckless has only a few months to live. He’s tried everything to shake the Fairy curse that traded his life for his brother’s, but hope after hope is extinguished. After months of fruitless searching, Jacob journies through the mirror one more time to deliver the news to Fox. There, they hear of one last possibility, an item so legendary that not even Mirrorworlders believe it exists: a crossbow that can kill thousands, or heal one, when shot through the heart. But a Goyl treasure hunter is also searching for it. Jacob must find it first … and somehow persuade Fox to do whatever it takes to save him.


I loved the first Mirrorworld book, Reckless, so as soon as I could, I picked up Fearless. I was thrilled to go back to Reckless‘s amazing world, plus I wanted to see how Jacob got out of this predicament.

Jacob Reckless was once again awesome. He lives up to his last name even more – he has a lot less to lose here – and he has an arrogance issue, but I could overlook that because he cares so much about his friends. He doesn’t show it much, and doesn’t always admit it to himself, but he cares. Imminent death brings out the emotions in people.

Fox also featured more in Fearless (not enough of her was my biggest problem in the first book). More of the past hinted at in book one is filled in, plus the romance angle hinted at is filled in more. Jacob’s in denial about it, but Fox really loves him.

One thing in particular I liked about Fearless was Nerron, the Goyl treasure hunter. I liked that he gave Jacob competition – serious competition, he was good – plus an outside perspective on Jacob himself. Nerron’s perspective was the best part. I got to see Jacob’s blunders and mistakes, but all Nerron saw was the successes and the arrogance.

This story was as brilliant as I expected as the sequel to Reckless. Nerron and Jacob are racing to find a crossbow that might not exist, Nerron to sell it and Jacob to save his life. Jacob is the better treasure hunter, but he’s running short on time. Plus, the plot gets sidetracked occasionally by minor characters on both sides – Nerron was a main character, which was actually quite fun. And all of this through a twisted magical world.

Once again, the mirrorworld was completely awesome. The magical items, the legendary creatures … it seemed like every chapter or two there was something else beautiful and deadly. The world is full of magic and unrest, like a fairy tale grown up and turned dark. And I loved it.

Fearless‘s ending couldn’t end the series. I’m not saying it’s just open-ended like Reckless‘s – not only are there two many unanswered questions, it brings in a whole new level of danger for Jacob that makes me believe there has to be a book three. There’d better be a book three. Because I can’t get enough of this series.

The Mirrorworld Series:

  1. Reckless
  2. Fearless
  3. The Golden Yarn

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