Science Fiction


Edda book cover
Image from Kiss the Book

Title:  Edda (Epic #3)

Author:  Conor Kostick

Genre:  Science Fiction

WARNING:  Edda is the third book in a series, and this review will most likely contain spoilers of the previous books.  I recommend not reading this review unless you’ve read Epic and Saga, the first two books in the series.

Everyone in the world of Edda is made of pixels – except for Penelope.  While her body is kept alive by robots, her avatar runs free in the virtual world.  And her scripting skills – her ability to access Edda’s alteration menus – make her extremely valuable to Edda’s ruler, Lord Scanthax.  Lord Scanthax used Penelope’s skills to conquer Edda, then to rip open the barriers and conquer the other virtual worlds, as well.  But when he makes plans to invade Saga, Erik and Ghost get involved.  Lord Scanthax will stop at nothing to conquer every virtual world…and with Penelope’s help, he just might do it…

I’d enjoyed Epic and loved Saga, so when I discovered there was a third book in the series, I jumped right on it.

This is not a book to read when you’re tired.  I started it after staying up really late the night before, made it twenty-seven pages, and then gave up.  Details were flying over my head, and I hated Penelope.

After a while, I came back to it and decided it give it a hundred pages.  The story finally moved away from Penelope and over to Erik and Ghost.  That’s when it picked up, and I loved it from that point on.

My main problem with the story was with Penelope.  She came across as whiny, stubborn, and bratty.  Some of it I could kind of understand, what with her never seeing a human before, but I could only take so much.  Thankfully, she wasn’t a major part of the story.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Epic and Saga, but I still enjoyed Erik and Ghost.  I didn’t remember much about them going into the story, but bits and pieces came back as I was reading.  I didn’t like them as much as I’m sure I would have if I’d have read Edda right after Saga, but I still enjoyed them.

One thing that bugged me was the minor characters.  It comes from not reading the previous books recently, but a character would be mentioned, and I’d go, “Who is that?  Oh, I think they were mentioned in Epic…”  Entirely not the author’s fault, but it annoyed me.

Edda brilliantly blends fantasy and science fiction.  It was my favorite thing about Epic – and Saga, to some extent.  The story was set in the future, and they’re in a sophisticated video game, basically – but it’s a fantasy-based video game, so it’s also like reading a fantasy book.  If you like either of those genres, I’d say you’d like these books.

Due to Lord Scanthax’s evil plan, I don’t think there can be another book in the series.  Which just made me hate him even more, because not only did he ruin his own world, he had to go ruin sequel opportunities, too!

Even though I would love it if there was, I doubt there will be a fourth book.  I would definitely be willing to read something else by Conor Kostick, though.


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