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Blink book cover
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Title:  Blink

Author:  Ted Dekker

Genre:  Thriller

Miriam, a Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia, is going to be married off to a hateful man.  Terrified, she flees to America.  Seth, a certifiable genius with a knack for ticking off professors, can suddenly see bits and pieces of the future.  When he sees Miriam get attacked in a bathroom and rescues her, they’re suddenly both on the run – from people who want to see Miriam married, and from people who want to see her dead.

I read Ted Dekker’s Skin and loved it, so when I found this book, I snatched it right up.

And I absolutely loved it.

Seth had an IQ thirty points higher than Einstein, but his extremely high mental capacity wasn’t a problem. There’s always a risk that genius characters will be unrelatable or that his brains will bail him out too easily, but that wasn’t the case with Seth. He was frequently nervous or unsure, and in this case, I loved him more for his flaws than for his strengths.

Miriam, on the other hand, I loved for her strengths and her courage. She was brave enough to go on the run from an arranged marriage, even though she didn’t know how it would work out, and her mixture of courage and unsurity (if that’s a word) made me love her as a character.

The basic plot was Miriam running from an arranged marriage that would upset Saudi Arabian politics, Seth helping her, two different groups of Saudis after Miriam and the American government after them both. That would have been interesting enough on its own, with plenty of car chases and narrow escapes. But the absolute best part of the plot was Seth’s future-seeing abilities.

The idea that there’s multiple possible futures based on the different choices people can make makes logical sense. So, kind of, does the way Seth can see all the possible futures. But the fact that a single different word can lead to a totally different future leaves me with a headache for Seth, who needs all his brainpower to keep them straight. And the sheer infinite number of possibilities gives me a headache.

Another great thing about Seth seeing the future was the way his confidence shook people up. That was awesome, and occasionally funny.

I only had two problems with Blink. One was the number of characters. In the beginning, the book introduces Seth, Miriam, Omar (Miriam’s prospective husband) and his father, and Miriam’s adopted father – all of which have their own various plotlines which the story follows. For a while, I had a hard time keeping all the different Saudi people straight. It got easier in the end, though, once a couple of them died.

The other problem I had was with the romance between Miriam and Samir. Maybe it was because I knew hardly anything about Samir and how the romance came about, but the whole thing felt fake to me. And though I didn’t guess the specifics, I was right about how it ended up.

Overall, I loved Blink – even more than I loved Skin, which wowed me. The mixture of running-from-the-government action, seeing-the-future concept, and Seth’s peculiar (but awesome) brand of wit made this book absolutely fantastic. A totally epic adventure story.


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