High Fantasy

Review: Lightning’s Daughter

Lightning's Daughter book cover
Image from risingshadow.net

Title:  Lightning’s Daughter

Series: Dark Horse #2

Author:  Mary H. Herbert

Genre:  High Fantasy

Warning:  This review will most likely contain spoilers of the previous book, Dark Horse.

Back Cover:

Gabria’s magic may have saved everyone on the Dark Horse Plains from Lord Medb, but it did very little to change people’s opinions.  Now, the clans face another magical threat – Medb’s right-hand man, Branth, is learning magic.  Despite the clans’ hatred, Gabria must use her magic once again, and hope they don’t kill her for it.


I got this book for twenty-five cents at a used book sale – and practically the only reason I bought it was because it was the sequel to Dark Horse.

And overall, it was very similar to Dark Horse.  Gabria was the same, just a little older.  Athlone was the same, too, just with a little more responsibility.  And the two plots were just about the same, too.

Last book, the evil magic user was Lord Medb.  This time it’s Branth.  Either way, Gabria must fight a magical duel with the evil magic user to save the world.  The setting changed a bit in this one – a temple, the city of Pra Desh, the plains – but the plot was just about the same.

There was a love triangle thrown in there, but it seemed forced.  I never had any doubts as to which guy Gabria was going to end up with, and half the time, I felt like the romance was just there for the sake of having a romance angle.

This wasn’t unique or outstanding, but it was a quick, interesting read.  It wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t terrible, and it wasn’t as good as Dark Horse.  It was one of those “meh” books that I could take or leave and not care either way.

The Dark Horse series:

  1. Dark Horse
  2. Lightning’s Daughter
  3. Valorian
  4. City of the Sorcerers
  5. Winged Magic

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