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Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities book cover
Image from bookden.blogspot.com

Title:  Keeper of the Lost Cities

Author:  Shannon Messenger

Genre:  Fantasy

Sophie Foster can hear the thoughts of everyone around her – an unexplained talent that she hides from everyone.  Then she meets Fitz, a mysterious boy who also reads minds.  Suddenly, Sophie is forced to leave behind her old life and come “home” to live with other people like her.  But there are secrets buried deep in Sophie’s memory…secrets others would kill for…

Besides the amazing cover, I picked this book up because of the premise of telepathy.  Unfortunately, I only made it to page 141 before realizing that I didn’t care a bit about what happened next.

When I started the book, the only thing that kept me reading was the question, “why can Sophie read minds?”  I didn’t know Sophie well enough to care about her.  By page 17, I still didn’t know Sophie well enough to care – but my question had been answered, and no more were raised.

I would have stopped reading right there, but I figured page 17 was too early, and I decided to give it the hundred-page rule.  But when I finally put it down for the night, I felt no desire to pick it up again.

Sophie and Fitz were, really, good characters.  Sophie, even though she was scared and confused, was still brave, and very capable of getting frustrated when people wouldn’t tell her anything.  Fitz, though slightly mysterious, was more like an awesome big brother than anything.

I think in any other plot, I would have enjoyed Sophie and Fitz immensely.  But I’m not even sure there was much of a plot in this book.  Once the original telepathy question was answered, there were no more questions (no danger either, for that matter) to make me want to keep reading.

Overall, the characters were good, but the plot was terrible.  I’m glad this was a library book.


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