Review: The Vindico

The Vindico book cover
Image from ishtamercurio.

Title:  The Vindico

Author:  Wesley King

Genre:  Superhero

Back Cover:

Kidnapped from their average lives, five teenagers are given the chance to change their lives forever.  They are promised super powers – something they thought you had to be born with.  But these powers come with a price.  To get them, they must join a league of the world’s most notorious villains:  the Vindico.


I picked this book up for two reasons.  One was because Cat at Beyond Books [note: a currently-deactivated book review blog I used to follow] liked it so much.  The other was because I’m a huge fan of well-done superhero books.

I expected a somewhat light-hearted, good-versus-evil kind of story.  But that wasn’t what I got at all.

I only had two problems with the book.  Number one was the sheer amount of characters.  Five teenagers, six villains, a few random friends, a bazillion superheroes from the League…all of whom were mentioned by names that all started sounding the same after a while.

And besides the fact that I couldn’t keep them straight, there were so many of them that I didn’t really get to know any of them.  James seemed to be a totally average kid.  Lana I hardly got a feel for at all.  Hayden thought he was God’s gift to women.  Emily was detached, calculating, and brilliant.  Sam acted like a little kid – which was explained at the end in a perfectly logical yet highly annoying way.

It was annoying because of problem number two – character details.  Emily was Asian, apparently, a fact that was NOT mentioned in describing her appearance, but was dropped in the middle of the book in a “hey, you already knew this” way. And Sam was apparently younger than twelve, a fact that was not mentioned until the last chapter.  I went through the whole book thinking he was a teenager, while I would have liked him much better if I’d have known he was about ten, not just immature.  A few details mentioned earlier on would have spared me a lot of frustration.

I really enjoyed the plot.  It was delightfully superhero-ish, including confrontations between good and evil, and even one spot where nobody (including me) knew who the good guys were.  It was just a whole lot…darker than I expected.

I’d expected more of a light-hearted, comic-book-style, bad-guys-go-to-jail kind of story.  Instead, the Vindico and the League were just killing each other.  That’s not to say it wasn’t bad, it’s just … well, if this were a comic book, I wouldn’t give it to my nine-year-old sister.

This book was hardly what I expected, but I still enjoyed it.  So, I think, would any superhero or comic book fan.

The Vindico series:

  1. The Vindico
  2. The Feros

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