Fiction, Paranormal, Young Adult

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

The Nine Lives of Chloe King book cover
Image from Life’s a Book

Title:  The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Author:  Liz Braswell (writing as Celia Thomson)

Genre:  Paranormal

Chloe King is a pretty average girl.  She goes to school, fights with her mother, and crushes on a boy or two.  But around her sixteenth birthday, Chloe begins to wonder if she’s really all that average.  After all, average girls don’t have night vision or superfast reflexes…or claws.  Chloe is not human.  And she’s not alone.  Chloe has nine lives – but will nine be enough?

I was so excited for this book that I almost bought it new.  Cat-like super powers?  That’s right up my alley.  So I was thrilled when I found it in the library, and I snatched it right up.

Unfortunately, it didn’t merit all the excitement.

Claws aside, Chloe really was a pretty average girl.  She just wasn’t my favorite character.  It wasn’t her personality – she had a unique, sometimes quirky, well-developed personality.  My problem with her was that she had no moral code, especially when it came to sleeping with people (which never explicitly happened, but was mentioned a lot).

Actually, that was my problem with Alyec, Brian, Amy, Paul…all the characters, really.  Interesting, unique, well-developed personalities, but no moral codes.

This book is actually a trilogy (The Fallen, The Stolen, and The Chosen) collected into one volume.  I devoured The Fallen, which focused on Chloe discovering her powers.  I loved that, watching Chloe try to deal with super agility and claws and boyfriend problems.

But I almost gave up on The Stolen.  The first quarter was all about Chloe’s sad love life and “I’m a cat girl but why am I so miserable?”  I almost gave up, but eventually it got back to the people-trying-to-kill-Chloe part and picked up.

Really, I can’t remember where The Stolen ended and The Chosen began.  Once it picked up in The Stolen, it pretty much escalated from there until the climax.  And while I didn’t really mind the romance angle in itself, I thought there was way too much focus on it (especially since I knew from very early on which guy she ended up with).

I didn’t realize this until I almost gave up on The Stolen, but the plot was the only thing keeping me interested in this book.  Actually, the fight scenes were the only thing that kept me interested, because I guessed how it turned out pretty early on.  When the people-trying-to-kill-Chloe plot was ignored for a chunk of the book, I got bored.  I just didn’t care a bit about the characters.

Plot, excellent.  Characters, not so much.


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