The Sight

The Sight cover
Image from Gyronny Books

Title:  The Sight

Author:  David Clement-Davies

Genre:  Fantasy

A wolf pack hides in a cave under an abandoned castle, running from the verdict that says the she-wolf will have to give up the pups she is soon to bear.  But they cannot run from Morgra, a wolf with the Sight.  Morgra’s arts have shown her that one of the pups born underneath the castle is the key to power even greater than her own – power that could give her control of this world and the next.  But the pack she hunts will do anything to protect their own…

I normally wouldn’t have even bothered picking this book up – I gave up on David’s other book Fire Bringer – but it was the book picked for book club.

And overall, it was better than Fire Bringer – but only slightly.

My biggest problem was with the characters.  It’s not that I didn’t like them in an of themselves, but I didn’t really connect with any of them.  All the characters in the book were wolves, and I feel like the author took every opportunity to remind me that “hey, these characters are wolves, not humans!”  And every time I’d get close to connecting with one of them, the book would remind me that hey, these characters are animals, and voila!  No more connection.  For most of the book, I was a mildly interested observer.  By the end, I didn’t really care about any of the characters anymore.

The other problem I had was with the author’s habit of not-killing characters.  It’s like, “Hey, we saw him die, but he’s really alive!”  That would happen to characters I wasn’t fond of and ones I thought “good riddance!” to, and then the only character I cared about died and stayed dead.  It drove me nuts.  I couldn’t even count on the dead to stay dead!

Speaking of death, The Sight is a very dark book.  It starts with deaths and ends with deaths, and there’s a whole lot of dying, killing, and murdering in between.  It wouldn’t have been a big problem for me if I’d have liked the book, but since I didn’t particularly, the fact that it was so dark just made me like it less.

The plot wasn’t bad – with Morgra trying to fulfill the prophecy to gain total power and Larka and her family trying to stop her – but I felt like the book took way, way too long to do anything.  It was a huge book – 600-ish pages.  And the plot was really quite simple.

It wasn’t a bad book, really.  But it wasn’t a good one, either.


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