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Review: Seizure

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Title: Seizure

Series: Virals #2

Author: Kathy Reichs

Genre: Science Fiction

Back Cover:

When Tory and the other Virals come across a legend that hints of pirate treasure, they decide to hunt for it. In an adventure rife with booby traps, wild goose chases, and other treasure hunters willing to kill, their canine capabilities may be their only chance at surviving this adventure. But it’s not like they can give up – the fate of their parents’ jobs, Loggerhead Island, and the Virals themselves depends on finding that treasure.


After reading the awesomeness that was Virals (the first book in the series), I wanted to read this one immediately. But I was also a little leery about picking it up – whenever I read a sequel to a book I loved, I always wonder if it will be as good as the first one.

Thankfully, it was. I even might go out on a limb and call it better than Virals. In Virals, they didn’t get their powers until about halfway through – and I’m all about the super powers.

Anyway…it didn’t feel like Seizure had enough plot to fill a book, let alone an almost-500-page one. But it did, and it was amazing. I was hooked until the very end (mainly because the treasure was NEVER where it was supposed to be). I also find it fun that Tory and her friends make treasure-hunting seem so easy – well, not the near-death parts, but the solving-the-riddles part – and then everyone else has been searching for the treasure for years.

That was just plain fun.

About the characters…it was a lot like the last book. I LOVED Tory. She was so brilliantly fun and reckless, and there’d better be another book in the series because I want to figure out why Tory is the only one with telepathic powers. And…well, see my review of Virals because I can’t say anything else without spoilers.

My thoughts on Hiram, Ben, and Sheldon are a lot like last time, too – I didn’t get too much of a feel of them. Sheldon’s the cautious, nervous one, Ben’s the strong and silent type, and I don’t have a good adjective for Hi. But I do find it interesting that Tory can always convince them to get on board with whatever crazy scheme she’s up to now.

Overall, I loved this book as much as I loved Virals. And there’d better be a book three, because there’s too many unanswered questions for this to be the end!

UPDATE: The third book in the Virals series is Code, released in March 2013.

The Virals series:

  1. Virals
  2. Seizure
  3. Code
  4. Exposure
  5. Terminal

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