Welcome to Jalyn Reads!

I read my first novel at age six, and I’ve been reading obsessively ever since.  This blog is devoted entirely to my takes on the books I read.

Image by Jalyn Ely

I started reviewing books four years ago, but only started blogging about them last year, at Reader…Writer…Homeschooler.  When I outgrew that blog, I moved over to Jalyn Ely.  But I only realized after I set it up that there really wasn’t room for too many book reviews at Jalyn Ely.

So I started Jalyn Reads.

Here, I’m going to post my thoughts on the books I read.  Classic books, new books, old books, famous books, obscure books… I read them all.  And I have thoughts about them all.

And maybe my thoughts will help you find books to read.  After all, book blogs are where I hear about most of the books I read, anyway.


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